About Us

The Keshet organization was founded in 2017, with the goal of promoting the establishment of services providing professional care, rehabilitation & integration of individuals with special needs and Autism in particular, in the community.

The organization was founded by Mr Oren Traistman, a business man and social activist for disadvantaged populations and Mrs Einat Cassouto-Shefi, previously the CEO of Alut, The Israeli Society for Children & Adults with Autism. The organization’s global operations are managed by Mrs. Orly Rubin, Behavior analyst and expert in Autism.

The organization provides professional support for parents and other organizations in the field of Autism, with professional staff specializing in the fields of psychology, medicine, communication therapy, occupation therapy, behavioral analysis, and special education. These experts are well experienced in providing treatment, establishing treatment centers, training professional caretakers, and developing innovative programs for children and adults with Autism.

About Autism

Autism is a lifelong neuro-developmental disorder, which typically appears during the first three years of a child’s life. It occurs in approximately 1 out of every 68 births and is four times more prevalent in males than females.

Autism affects ones’ ability to communicate, form relationships and respond appropriately to the surrounding environment. Autism affects families throughout the world of all racial, ethnic and social backgrounds.

It is a complex developmental disability that typically results in a neurological disorder which affects the functioning of the brain. It impacts the normal development of the brain in the areas of social interaction and communication skills, resulting typically in difficulties in verbal and non -verbal communication, social interactions and leisure or play activities.

Some people with autism exhibit repeated body movements, unusual responses to people or attachments to objects and resistance to changes in routine. They may experience sensitivities in the five senses.

There are currently no therapeutic cures for autism, although research shows that early intensive behavioral intervention dramatically improves the outcome.

With support and care individuals with autism can realize at least some of their personal goals and dreams.

The Keshet organization Management



The organization was founded by Mr Oren Traistman,
a successful Israeli business man and social activist for disadvantaged populations.



Einat has over 16 years of experience in establishing services for children and adults with Autism throughout Israel. Under her management, Alut (The Israeli Society for Children & Adults with Autism) became the largest and leading organization in Israel for families dealing with Autism, from the moment of diagnosis through adulthood.

As CEO of the organization, Einat has led and directed the establishment of multiple services for people with autism, between them diagnostic centers, specialized teaching interventions for pre-school and school age  children, after school centers,  summer day camps and weekend retreats, occupational centers, and homes for life (see further details under Services tab).

Einat  accompanies and advices Keshet organization.



Orly has worked in the ABA field since 2001 and has been a Board Certified Associate Behavior
Analyst since 2007. She specializes in Behavioral Intervention for individuals with Autism. Her
experience includes supervising work and productivity of behavior analysts, providing support and
guidance to behavior analysts, conducting and writing developing behavior treatment plans and
training caregivers and staff on plan implementation, management techniques, analyzing data and
providing education.
Orly has a masters degree from Bar Ilan University in Special Education with a specialization
in Autism. She is teaching ABA courses in education collage and in the last 4 years she is a board
member in the Israel certificate behavior analysts association, promoting regulation of applied
behavior analysis in Israel.