Services established in Israel, lead and directed by Mrs Einat Cassouto-Shefi and Mrs. Orly Rubin: 

Diagnostic Center

In conjunction with the Assaf Harofe Medical Center, providing early diagnosis and state-of-the-art treatment for children with Autism. Led by Prof. Ditza Zachor and staffed by experts in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), the Center diagnoses hundreds of children a year. In addition, the Diagnostic Center produces research on its unique diagnostic and treatment techniques – now being examined by Autism professionals around the world.


 Pre-School and Beyond

Pre-Schools throughout Israel for children aged one to four years old. Specialized teaching interventions are used with the children in these intensive learning environments while parents support and training is also provided.

Providing services for children integrated in regular schools, including supplemental Ministry of Education services in existing schools (pre-schools to high schools) and newly established integrated educational programs and treatment plans.

After school centers offering a safe environment in the community for youth with Autism.

Summer day camps and weekend retreats catering for hundreds of children with Autism every year.

Staff Training, Coaching and Support

In order to make the best progress for individuals with Autism our experts identify areas of need in students with autism in preschools, schools, home or occupational centers and to provide efficient training for therapist and/or educators in Basic Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) procedures, Individual Educational Program, Classroom management strategies, social skills training, Positive behavior supports, Data collection procedures, program monitoring and evaluation

We provides ongoing coaching, assistance and follow-up support to staff, to ensure the implementation of effective and efficient treatment for children and adults on the autism spectrum. We also provide training in, selecting appropriate curriculum and goals, in identifying appropriate types of intervention and working in multi-disciplinary staff

 Occupational Centers

The guiding principle in these centers is that normalized, community-based working and living arrangements are the optimal environment for people with Autism. To that end, Occupational Centers assist their clients in developing the necessary skills for sheltered employment or part-time work. After assessing the client’s abilities, needs & interests, individualized training programs are developed.


 Homes for Life

In keeping with the philosophy that adults with special needs should be integrated into the community - Homes for Life are located within residential communities. These homes are supported by professional staff and volunteers, and residents acquire daily living skills emphasizing self-awareness, interpersonal communication, and integration into the community. The Homes for Life are giving families hope for the future of their children with Autism.


Our Fields of Expertise


Assessment : our professional team of experts will visit your country and/or organization to assess your needs.

Program Setup : our team will work with you and your representatives to create a customized consulting and training program to meet your needs.

Program Implementation : our experts arrive at the target country and/or organization to provide the consultation and training as specified in the program.

For children with autism (up to 18) :

  • Establishing new intervention centers or creating intervention centers within existing centers / schools.
  • Training and guiding parents and therapists
  • Training and guiding school staff in integrating children with autism in regular classes.

For adults with autism (over 18) :

  • Establishing employment centers
  • Establishing residential homes
  • Creating individual learning

Support :  our team provides ongoing support by way of answering any questions concerning the successful care of our clientele.